Mark R. McGinly Memorial Scholarship  

Mark Ryan McGinly Memorial Scholarship Fund Concludes Its Scholarship Offerings

The Mark Ryan McGinly Memorial Scholarship Fund has concluded its scholarships to Northern Virginia students with the scholarships awarded in 2011. After ten years and nearly $600,000.00 awarded in scholarship funds to 95 students, the program will now focus on the Buckell University Scholarship in Mark’s name at his al mater. Mark graduated with a degree in business in 1997 and moved to New York City. The Bucknell scholarship will keep his memory alive with each four year scholarship offered to incoming freshmen majoring in business. This program is administered by the university and has been provided the last four years. With the current funding of the Bucknell program the scholarships can continue indefinitely. Ongoing contributions to the program will assure a growing scholarship in future years as well.

Additionally, the Mark Ryan McGinly Memorial Scholarship Fund has arranged to provide ongoing support for the James Madison High School Golf program in Mark’s name in keeping with his memory. Mark played on the Madison High School state championship teams and captained the team in his senior year just as he did at Bucknell University.

The final contributions Mark’s fund will make is an additional $25,000.00 contribution to the Bucknell University program and arrangements to provide perpetual support to the Madison High School golf program through an investment vehicle beginning with a $25,000.00 contribution.

For the future, with the memorial scholarship fund ending its active fundraising and discontinuing its annual scholarship grants, the fund will continue to receive donations but redirect them to Mark’s Bucknell University scholarship and the Madison High School golf team in accordance with donors’ interests. Mark’s legacy will continue through these two initiatives ensuring support and scholarships to enthusiastic and dedicated students – and most of all to those, like Mark, who love and live life as if there is no tomorrow!

As we conclude the active work of the Mark Ryan McGinly Memorial Scholarship Fund, we are most grateful to our family, our friends, our business sponsors, the Fund Board of Directors, the scholarship selection committee, and all those who worked so diligently these past ten years to preserve Mark’s memory through the fund. The Mark McGinly Memorial Scholarship has been recognized as one of Northern Virginia’s most successful and prestigious awards thanks to all of you. Along with the people mentioned above, we once again want to extend a sincere note of appreciation to the dear and patient family and close friends who stayed by our side and consistently supported us through all the difficult stages of grief. We truly could not have gone on without your understanding and love.

In conclusion please know that we will always remember the students who applied for the scholarship and especially those who won - they understood – even though some were only seven or eight at the time of September 11, 2001 - that the Mark McGinly Scholarship was a unique honor because Mark was a unique young man. We know you will always remember him, and especially his great smile!

With appreciation and love,

Patty, Bill, Sean and Drew McGinly
January, 2012

On September 11th, Mark Ryan McGinly was working on the 92nd floor of the World Trade Center. Like thousands of others, he lost his life that day. To keep his memory alive, his friends and family established the Mark Ryan McGinly Memorial Scholarship. It is our hope that the scholarship will benefit selected high school seniors and inspire them to enjoy and fully participate in their college life.
The McGinly Family.

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"26 Forever"

Friday, September 7, 2001 I had lunch in New York City with our 26-year-old middle son Mark McGinly. It was the last time I would hug him, hear his voice, tell him I loved him. Fortunately, we did all three. Mark was murdered September 11, 2001 on the 92nd floor of the World Trade Center North Tower. I watched it unfold on TV from my hotel room in Chicago. I never felt more helpless.

Lovingly, my wife Patty and I take strength from each other, but we cry everyday and struggle to focus at work and with friends. Some friends and family don't recognize us - we are mournful, upset, angry and discouraged. Relationships are difficult - nothing is as it was. As a family of four instead of five (Sean [30] from Los Angeles; Drew [25] a naval aviator), we struggle to achieve the happiness that was shattered. View family photo

We continue to be thankful for the family and friends who have helped us to endure this terrible tragedy. All of us value and appreciate their loyalty, love and support.

Patty and Bill McGinly
Vienna, VA

  Mark McGinly

A documentary film By Sean McGinly

A portrait of men who lost their brothers in the World Trade Center on 9/11/01

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